Laboratory Services

"Rapid" Test Offerings

We offer several tests that we complete start to finish right here!  See below for our rapid testing offerings.

Once you select and pay for your rapid test(s), drive to the pharmacy during our testing windows* of...
9:30am - 1:00pm
3:00pm - 4:30pm
*subject to change due to holidays, etc

Please use a cell phone to call the pharmacy when you have arrived.  A laboratory staff member will come out to the car to assist you.

What is it?

  • Test used to detect the group A streptococcal antigen

What type of sample is it?

  • Throat swab

What's the cost?

  • $25

How long before I get results?

  • 10 minutes

What is it?

  • Used to detect both the COVID and influenza viruses in the nasal cavity
  • Less sensitive than the PCR

What type of sample is it?

  • Nasal swab

What's the cost?

  • $45

Who should get it?

  • Symptomatic people (used to confirm or rule out infection)
  • Asymptomatic people (less recommended than PCR due to possibility of false negative)

How long before I get results?

  • 20 minutes
Please note:

Some doctors and clinics (Aspirus included), do not accept test results collected from outside their facility.  Our pharmacists may be able to prescribe for certain conditions and certain patients as part of a collaborative practice agreement we have.  There is a $30 consultation fee to discuss test results with a pharmacist and obtain a prescription, if appropriate. 

If we aren't able to utilize our practice agreement for your treatment, we will provide you with a copy of your test results to bring to your provider.

Phlebotomy Services

Please note:

We have intentionally limited our phlebotomy appointments to mornings to make sure there is enough time to ship blood samples to the lab the same business day.  If you would prefer an afternoon appointment time and your test allows blood to be sent next business day, we may be able to accommodate for you!  Give us a call with any questions!

-Kit draws-

Do you have a special kit that was given to you by your provider?  We can draw your blood and ship your sample(s) to the appropriate lab for only $20!  Click the button below to get started!

-Ulta Lab Offerings-

With partnership with UltaLabs, we are able to offer a full catalog of laboratory tests.  Here's how it works!

  • 1 Create a login for your own confidential Ulta Lab Tests account by clicking "Get Started" at the bottom of this section.
  • 2 Select and purchase your test(s) online on their safe and secure site. Your Ulta Lab request is valid for 5 months after date of purchase.
  • 3 Book your appointment with us for your blood draw! Call or schedule online using the button below.
  • 4 Come to your appointment to have your blood drawn. We will ship your sample to Ulta Labs for you.
  • 5 Your results will be delivered to your private and secure Ulta Lab healthcare dashboard. Results are typically received within a few business days; certain specialty tests may take up to 10 days.

SneakPeek Clinical by Gateway Genomics is the only clinically proven early gender DNA test that lets you discover your baby’s gender months ahead of schedule, so you can prepare for your little one and share with family and friends! The test uses non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to look for male Y chromosomes from a small sample of your blood. If male Y chromosomes are found, that means baby is a boy. If none are found, baby is a girl. SneakPeek is the leading provider and most accurate early gender DNA test on the market, trusted by over 500,000 moms and obstetricians. 

Call today to make your appointment!

Logo_Gateway Genomics
Are my results guaranteed?

Yes!  SneakPeek Clinical is the most accurate early gender test on the market.  If your test result does not match the gender of your newborn, you'll receive a full refund!

How does SneakPeek work?

While every person has their own DNA in their bloodstream, a pregnant woman's bloodstream also contains DNS from her unborn child.  SneakPeek looks for male chromosomes in a small sample of the blood.  So if male chromosomes are found, that means the baby is a boy!  If none are found, baby is a girl!  SneakPeek is 99.9% accurate at 6 weeks into pregnancy!

How quickly can I expect my results?

Average turnaround time is 2-3 business days.

This isn't my first child. Will that skew my results?

No.  Clinical studies have shown that fetal DNA clears from mom's bloodstream within 2 days after birth, and sometimes in as little as 2 hours!

I'm having twins! Can SneakPeek determine fetal sex for each one?

In the case of identical twins, if male DNA is found, then both babies are boys.  If no male DNA is found, then both babies are girls!

For fraternal twins, finding male DNA will confirm at least one baby is a boy, but cannot distinguish if the second baby is a boy or girl.

Could hormones or medications affect my results?

No.  SneakPeek is a DNA-based test, so hormones do not affect results, nor have any other drugs have been found to impact results.

How much does SneakPeek cost?

The SneakPeek Gender DNA test is $129.  Please call the pharmacy today at (715) 453-6600 to schedule your SneakPeek test!